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P.S. Fishery Import and Export Company Limited, under the "Elephant Head" trademark, has been a pioneer in the fishing and agricultural equipment field since 1984

Resultly, the company has grown to a large scale producer, importer and distributor of goods in the industry (P.S. Group Fishing Sport Co.,ltd and P.S. Solutions and Consulting Co.,ltd.). The highly skilled and experienced executive teams have made sure that the products are of high quality at a competive price.

With a ware house of over 5,000 sq. meters, and a skillful team of employees, they are able to quickly delivery goods to their customers. A fully computerized barcode system allows customers and management to inquire on orders and stock levels with speed and accuracy. The company also has an extensive personel training and development program. These programs faster trust with both local and foreign customers. Customers have a high level of satisfaction.

PS GROUP (we grow together)

Grand opening the new office & showroom @ Pinkloa on Borrommarachachonnani Rd.

Affiliated Companies

  1. PS Group International

  2. PS Group Fishing Sport

  3. PS Solutions and Consulting

29/9 moo6 BorrommarachaChonnani Rd., SalaThammasop, Tawiwattana, Bangkok 10170 Thailand
Tel.(66)-2108-8888  Fax.(66)-2117-4270

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PS GROUP (video grand opening)